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Secure Personal and Business Communication

Solutions based on a comprehensive analysis of the mobile threats landscape. Business-specific functionalities and custom development that fits your needs.


Multi-layered Security for All Data

Secure Communications

Password-protected chat, call, and email apps, encrypting both data at transit and stored information, preventing third-parties from accessing it.

Secure OS

Provides 360-degree security, combining zero-attack-surface threat prevention mechanism, in-time patching for newly arising threats, and an intuitive interface.

Hardware Platforms

Encrypted mobile devices designed and tested in-house for guaranteed hardware integrity. Option for custom development tailored to your needs.

A Secure Promise

For 10 years, we at Secure Group are the trusted partner of organizations, governments, and the cybersecurity community worldwide. We are committed to making the systems and technologies of our customers work with perfect integrity.

Our goal is to give users the means to navigate the digital space and communicate through mobile without worrying about the security of their data. We’re here to minimize the risk, remove the threats, implement full control over the process, and clear the way with complete confidentiality for you to focus on your business.

Data farm Data farm

All Industries Require Privacy to Operate

Image representing Consulting & Accounting Image representing Consulting & Accounting

Consulting & Accounting

Secure your clients’ data from cyber criminals and violators, and preserve the integrity of their privacy and business.

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Image representing Pharmaceuticals                                    Image representing Pharmaceuticals


Protect your R&D activities and the data of your customers to ensure no information leaks compromising operations happen.

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Image representing Energy Image representing Energy


Ensure an undisturbed flow of operations by turning all channels of communication into an impenetrable fortress.

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Image representing Legal Adviser Image representing Legal Adviser

Legal Adviser

Help your cause and ensure confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, as well as availability of data among advocate members.

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Image representing Finance & Banking Image representing Finance & Banking

Finance & Banking

Control the security of the communication inside your institution and make sure that no information ends up in the wrong hands.

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Image representing Security & Defense Image representing Security & Defense

Security & Defense

Facilitate and secure critical communications. Prevent compromising the safety of individuals and enterprises.

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What they say about us


Secure Group is an invaluable partner in our business. They helped us by not only developing a highly competitive solution, we can offer our customers, but also by providing us with powerful market insights, web page, and promotional materials. Even today, years after our initial encounter, Secure Group is still our strategic partner on whose support services, know-how, and marketing expertise we can always count on.

We were looking for a complex solution to fit our business model and operate within our own infrastructure. When contacting Secure Group, they proved to be extremely flexible, and right-away offered us an option to host the solution on our own server. Moreover, the company has developed a device management system, which allowed us to manage multiple devices easily and have control over the communication process.

Company Owner