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Was the cost of a single attack on the Colonial Pipeline

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The Problem

The challenges in the energy industry are similar to those faced by companies in the financial sector. Securing communications is a must due to the nature of the shared information. So is the necessity to use devices that can resist hacking attempts. There are several extra pain points added by frequent traveling:

  • Local carriers and, by extension, foreign governments can access the communications data if it’s not encrypted.
  • Carriers have access to metadata about the communications: the time a message was sent, to whom it was sent, from what specific location, etc.
  • Carriers can locate a person by monitoring which cell tower their device is connected to at any given moment.
  • They can also push software, including malware, on the device.
  • Network operators can hamper communication by cutting off a specific device’s access to the network.

The Solution

Naturally, a security-wary traveler has to seek a way to remove local network operators from the equation. And if they are not able to do that – at least hamper the carriers’ ability to access communications by encrypting them. With Secure Group’s solutions, we offer a use-ready device for many of the challenges outlined above:

  • Leverage the instant connectivity and unlimited data coverage worldwide that the Secure multi-IMSI SIM card provides. Due to the card having multiple IMSIs, it can switch between providers to offer the best signal.
  • Remain connected even if a carrier decides to shut down its network for a user.
  • Secure all incoming and outgoing communications and the device’s storage with state-of-the-art encryption.