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Оur mission is to provide customer-tailored mobile solutions to individuals, businesses, and organizations which help them secure and manage the information flow while preserving the privacy of their data.
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Over ten years of innovation

At Secure Group, we realize that online privacy and security are quickly eroding in today’s digital world. Our mission is to guarantee our customers’ fundamental right to privacy through strong encryption, education, and complete transparency. We’ve dedicated ourselves to this mission and delivered meaningful and ground-breaking innovation along the way.

Secure Group founded

Founded back in 2009 in Montreal, Canada by Dominic Gingras, Alexis Gingras, and Eva Garkova.

Secure Chat for BlackBerry

Built for the BlackBerry Bold, Secure Chat for BlackBerry was our first secure communication app.

Secure Manager

Secure Manager is our proprietary billing and distribution management platform.

Secure Chat for Android

Secure Chat for Android was our first secure communication Android app.

Secure Chat, Group Chat

Extended the functionality of our flagship Android app by adding a group chat functionality.

Secure Chat, PGP Chat

Further enhanced the communication capabilities of Secure Chat by adding PGP Chat.

Secure Box

Secure Box is our self-hosted solution for end-to-end encrypted communications.

We believe in the fundamental right to privacy for all. And we don’t just say it, we stand for it by developing solutions that enable people to exchange sensitive information securely, protecting their business, reputation, and personal life.

Dominic Gingras

CEO and Founder


We view ourselves as next-generation mobile security experts. We do things our way and rely on our leaders to guide our young but passionate teams.

Dominic Gingras
Eva Garkova
Managing Partner
Aleksandar Dimitrov
Software Engineering Management L3 S1
Ligia de Aquino Lapa
Human Resources Management L2 S2
Plamen Todorov
Strategic Business Development Management L2 S1

Secure Group facilities

Strategically located in key talent and tech hubs around the world, our facilities give us the flexibility we need to innovate and quickly deliver results.

Sofia, Bulgaria
HQ & R&D hub

Often referred to as the “Silicon Valley” of Europe, Bulgaria offers a thriving IT sector. The country is also a part of the EU and NATO.

Dubai, UAE
Business development hub

Situated on the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is a global city and a business and cultural hub for the region.

Hong Kong, China
Manufacturing hub

The Special Administrative Region offers a number of advantages, mainly the bustling financial and industrial design sectors, and its proximity to Shenzhen, China.

Kharkiv, Ukraine
R&D hub

Kharkiv, the second-largest city in Ukraine, is one of the seven cities in the country with a growing startup and IT ecosystem.

Partners who trust in us

Building long-lasting and robust partnerships is in our DNA. We value our partners and view them as an essential part of our extended corporate family.

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