Secure Chat

Secure Chat is an application for secure voice, video, and messaging on Android ™ devices. Designed to meet the rigorous security demands of enterprise, government, and professional users, Secure Chat ensures that every communication is protected with end-to-end encryption
Full control

The solution can be deployed and managed entirely by your organization, giving you full authority over your communications without external dependencies.”

Additional protection

In addition to its robust encryption capabilities, Secure Chat is complemented by the Secure Vault application, which offers enhanced security for data at rest. Together, they provide a fortified security environment for all your communication needs.”

Secure to the core

The threat landscape is ever-evolving, and so does Secure Chat. The app is secured on every level and constantly updated to keep it vulnerability-free.

Secure P2P and group chat with OMEMO

OMEMO encryption

Secure P2P and group chat with OMEMO protocol, Double Ratchet Algorithm, ECC Curve25519/Ed25519, ECDH key agreement, and SHA-256 hashing.

ZRTP encryption

ZRTP protocol, Diffie-Hellman key exchange, SRTP for secure transport, SAS against MiTM, and disposable keys per call.

Password protection

Additional password protection for extra peace of mind.

Database encryption

Uncompromising Security with 256-bit AES Full Database Encryption.

Powerful communication and productivity features

Communicate with your peers via military-grade secure communication channels. Every communication gets encrypted on your device, travels in an indecipherable form, and gets decrypted on the receiver’s device.

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Secure P2P calls

Make absolutely private and unlimited peer-to-peer (P2P) VoIP voice and video calls.

Secure group chats

Create secure group chats that only store information until all members receive it.

Serverless P2P chats

Send messages that never reach the premises of our servers. All data is transmitted between and stored only on users’ devices in an encrypted form.

Encryption on data at rest

Secure Chat comes with an extension for additionally encrypting and backing up stored files called
Secure Vault.

Emergency contacts

Set one or more emergency contacts. Alert them in case of emergencies and let them locate or reset your device remotely.