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Different industries have different communication needs. As a result, they face different threat models – which, in turn, calls for different security setups. As a result, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to secure your business communications. Our solutions are designed to be flexible, scalable, and meet the needs of different sectors.

Banking & financials

Information in the financial industry is of high value across the board. This creates a situation where every part of it is a potentially lucrative target. This threat model suggests a holistic approach to cybersecurity that leaves no attack surfaces uncovered. Regarding communications, protecting the exchanged information is of fundamental importance for both clients and financial institutions.

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The pharmaceutical industry is one of the top cybercrime targets due to the high value of companies’ intellectual property and R&D data. For example, drug formulas are some of the highest-value assets in the industry. At the same time, enterprises in the sector are often present in multiple markets, and R&D operations are spread across several locations.

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High stakes mark communication in the energy industry. Information regarding one company’s drilling, extraction, refining, shipping, and logistic activities, can be enough to affect prices in the sector instantly – causing a domino effect that can influence stock markets and national economies. The global scope of operations calls for communicating freely, regardless of borders.

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Security & defense

When it comes to the protection of people and property, having the right information at the right time is of critical importance. The defense industry calls for the highest available security and reliability standards and independence from third-party providers.

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Legal professionals

Lawyers are obligated to protect the confidentiality of their client’s data, and law firms have to pay closer attention to confidentiality than the average business. If law firms do not secure their client communications and other data, they could violate the attorney-client privilege, lose clients, be subject to malpractice actions, damage their reputation, and possibly also lose their license to practice law.

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Consulting & accountancy

Securing the confidentiality of high-value information is an integral part of the service consulting, and accounting companies offer. They access such information daily through multiple channels and devices. This, in turn, creates an attack vector for cybercriminals to target employee accounts with phishing schemes to obtain corporate information.

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