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Secure Chat

Encrypted Calls and Chat


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Voice and chat

Keep Your Communication Secure

Absolute Privacy


Powerful Encryption

The state of the art OTR, OMEMO, and ZRTP encryption protocols protect your chat messages and VoIP calls to ensure absolutely private communication.


Encrypted Chat

Chat with both individuals and whole groups of peers protected by non-server-routed messages and files that can self-destruct to guarantee your privacy.


Encrypted Calls

Make peer-to-peer (P2P) VoIP calls with no information going through any server, making man-in-the-middle attacks and eavesdropping impossible.


Secure File Transfer

Share Anything

Secure Chat allows you to share any of the most commonly used file extensions without routing them through our servers to guarantee an absolutely private P2P communication. The application is also compatible with Secure Vault, enabling you to store any message or file you want in the encrypted file contained.

Supported Files


jpeg    gif    png


mp4    wav

Audio Clips

mp3    ogg    wav

Multiple Layers of Security for Military-Grade Protection

To ensure that the communication of our users is absolutely private and off the reach of any attempts for eavesdropping, we’re continuously developing additional layers of security. This approach makes the stealing of information virtually impossible and guarantees the privacy of your communication.

Self destruct

Messages Timeout

In the “For Your Eyes Only” mode, when sending messages, you can set them to self-destruct after the other peer sees them or when the preset time for which they’re displayed runs out.

Remote Wipe

Even if you lose your phone, your information is absolutely safe because you can remotely wipe any data from it by sending a preset combination of characters as a message to your Secure Chat.

Hide Conversation

For an additional layer of security, you can hide any conversation you want, making it accessible through PIN-authentication.

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What Our Users Say

“Although I was a bit worried whether the app will fit my needs at the beginning, using it proved there was no reason for that. The chat is really great, super easy to use and pretty intuitive. I like the fact that you can share files, use it to call your contacts and hide the chats with certain people. Knowing I can wipe my phone remotely gives me a sense of security.”

Jasper L.