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Put Your Name on a Leading Solution

Our Technology, Your Brand

Secure Group's Master Distributor Program gives you a chance to put your name on our technology. We give you a solution that works, you get business independence and your own brand.


Total Independence

As a Master Distributor, you have full independence to follow a business strategy of your own. Your brand, your channels, your control. We support you all the way.


Modify and Customize

Our products are customizable in terms of look, design, and features. This gives us the flexibility to adjust them to your brand vision and business strategy.


Build Upon Quality

Secure Group’s solutions are unrivaled on the market regarding the security they provide. You can build upon that by stamping your brand and customizations on them.


Enjoy Recurring Profits

Our solution works on a subscription principle and creates a recurring revenue stream for your business. Selling at our suggested retail prices guarantees high-profit margins.

Customize Our Product for Your Audience

Rebranded Operating System

Secure OS with its multiple defense layers is our flagship mobile security solution. We can deliver to you the same level of security but with a customized name and look.

  • Your custom OS name, logo and look to fit your brand
  • Your brand logo on the OS splash and loading screens
  • Enable/disable phone features and functionalities
  • Push additional apps on device to meet user demand

Custom App Look

Our encrypted communications apps provide the best security on the market. You can customize their look and functionality to fit your product offering.

  • Rebrand our Secure Email, Secure Chat, and Secure Vault apps.
  • Use custom icons, loading screens, in-app content and notifications
  • Enable/disable specific app features to fit user experience
  • Compatible with various MD platforms, including Samsung Knox

We Invest in Your Success

We Help You Build a Brand

Secure Group is not just giving you a customized product to sell. We help you market your brand, sell products to customers, and provide you with after-sales support.

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Dedicated Account Manager

Secure Group will assign an account manager to attend to your business needs and help you develop your brand.


Custom Marketing

Our team can prepare custom marketing materials, websites, packaging, designs, icons, and content to help achieve your brand vision.


After-Sales Support

We provide 24/7 support over phone or VoIP, as well as a knowledge base, ticketing system, and service status page.

Review Our Master Distributor Program

We recognize that selling to certain markets and target audiences requires a different approach. We give Master Distributors the tools to meet such specific needs.

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