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Device Management System

The Secure Administration System (SAS) mobile device management platform gives complete control over Secure Phone. It allows end users to customize every functionality of their device, and distributors to manage a fleet of devices.

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Secure management system

Configure Everything

With SAS you manage all settings and functionalities of each encrypted mobile device and account under your control.

Intuitive Interface

The SAS portal has a user-friendly, responsive interface that leaves little to guessing.

Total Independence

No need to email us about every change you want to make to account policies. With SAS, it is you who has control over all your devices.

Granular Management

Management with SAS goes as deep as turning on and off specific app features on the devices. You can also control whole groups of accounts.

Key Features of Secure Administration System

Key Features of Secure Administration System


Device management via SAS goes as deep as the Linux kernel of Secure OS - the Android-based multi-layered cybersecurity solution. You can disable or enable hardware components and functionalities such as USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, location, drivers, camera, etc.

  • Create, edit, assign and push device policies
  • Set up firewall rules with blacklisted IPs and ports
  • Choose lock screen and password settings

Operating System

You can use SAS to define the OS policies of a single device or groups of devices. You can choose whether Secure OS gets automatically updated to the latest version, or the devices should be left with a specific version.

  • Create, edit, assign and push OS policies
  • Manage OS, recovery, and installer builds
  • Assign different builds for specific devices


SAS allows you to define sets of pre-configuration and then push them on every app installed on the encrypted mobile device. For example, you can disable video calls in Secure Voice or attach files in Secure Email. You can also choose what versions of apps will be available for the OS.

  • Create, edit, assign and push software policies
  • Place restrictions on apps to seal off unwanted access
  • Further minimize the attack surface against specific attacks


Our cybersecurity solutions come out of the box preloaded only with Secure Group's proprietary encrypted apps designed to deliver maximum security. However, you can also whitelist third-party apps through SAS, and install, for example, a project management app.

  • Create policies for a group of accounts, plus custom ones for specific users
  • Blacklist specific third-party software
  • Disable and enable separate Secure Group apps on a device

"The biggest advantage of SAS is the ability to control devices from a distance - wipe the phones, give them additional permissions, upload new necessary applications, disable/enable functions... No need to open a ticket with Secure Group, no need to call support, no need to delay user requests. This is a true 21-century service!"

Lucas T.