Secure Administration System (SAS)

A secure way to manage Secure OS-powered devices

SAS gives your IT teams complete control over Secure OS-powered devices. Secure, manage and monitor all your mission-critical devices used within your organization.
Monitor showing SAS interface

Mobile device management made easy

The Secure Administration System (SAS) is a mobile device management (MDM) solution that provides comprehensive and intuitive management tools for Secure OS-powered devices, including device monitoring, configuration, and fleet administration. It allows IT teams to manage single or multiple mission-critical devices from a centralized command center.

Deploy apps and installer packages

Our secure mobile devices come preloaded with our proprietary encrypted apps designed to deliver maximum security. However, you can also whitelist third-party apps through SAS, and install, for example, a project management app.

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    Create policies for a group of accounts, plus custom ones for specific users

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    Set up firewall rules with blacklisted IPs and ports

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    Disable and enable separate Secure Group apps on a device

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Set up and manage fleets of secure devices

Through SAS you can push and assign policies to both individual users and whole groups of devices, easing the process of managing large fleets of secure mobile devices.

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    Organize groups of users into groups

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    Push mass actions

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    Erase devices remotely

Fleet management screenshot

Configure every option

Depending on the circumstances, you may need a part of your devices configured for extreme security and the other part configured for interoperability. Disable or enable different hardware components and functionalities such as USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, location, drivers, camera, etc.

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    Create, edit, assign and push device policies

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    Enable or disable software options

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    Enable or disable hardware components

SAS configuration screenshot

Backup and restore devices

Through SAS you can securely backup and restore devices. Encrypted backups of settings, contacts, and files can be saved serverside and restored on demand.

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    Securely upload device backups to SAS

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    Backup your settings, contacts, and information

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    Restore in a manner of minutes

Backups screenshot

Monitor network security and detect fake towers

IMSI-catchers are devices that act like fake cell towers, which trick a device to connect to them to collect sensitive information, such as calls, text messages, Internet traffic, etc. The built-in network monitoring system detects and alerts administrators of any suspicious activity and allows them to take immediate action.

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    Monitor network activity

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    Detect when a device connects to a fake tower

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    Alert users of a potential threat

Monitor networks UI

Keep your devices secure

Enforce the security settings your organization requires. Control options such as the minimum password length, the password expiration time, and the number of times devices can fail to sync back to SAS before they are automatically erased.

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    Automatically erase devices that fail to sync a number of times

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    Set password strength requirements

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    Choose between different security methods

Data security UI

Turnkey deployment

Take full control over your mission-critical communications with our self-hosted solutions.

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