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Encrypted Mobile Communication

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We distribute our solutions for encrypted mobile communications through a global partner network. Contact one of our partners if you’re looking to purchase a secure mobile device based on our technology or want to become a reseller in your area.


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TAG Consultation

Region: Global

Focus: Corporate & Government

T.A.G. Consultation is a Secure Group Master Distributor, offering self-hosted, secure communication solutions for enterprise customers, government clients, and centralized organizations.

Crypto Cloud

Region: North America

Focus: Individuals & Private business

Crypto Cloud is a Master Distributor and retail market leader. The company offers privacy-focused encrypted mobile phones. Products can be purchased in-store or directly online.

Spartan PGP

Region: Europe

Focus: Individuals & Private business

Spartan PGP is a Distributor, selling encrypted mobile phones focusing on users’ absolute communication privacy.

Link It Up

Region: North America

Focus: Individuals & Private business

Link It Up is a mobile device reseller with shops in the Greater Toronto area, selling Crypto Cloud’s privacy-focused encrypted mobile phones.

Xtrem Mobile

Region: Europe

Focus: Individuals & Private business

Xtrem offers encrypted smartphones that provide complete secrecy and privacy of communication.

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