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Security Through
Transparency and Review

Security Through Transparency

Open Source

Providing great security is what Secure Group is all about. This is the primary reason we embrace the concept of open source software. It brings forth many advantages such as reliability, interoperability, flexibility, and, most importantly – more security. All our products are based on open source platforms that have been tried, tested, and proven reliable. In turn, our implementations are also publicly available for peer review.

Better Security

The bigger the number of people checking a software product for security vulnerabilities, the greater the chance they will be found and fixed. Open source code is public, which means that the entire cybersecurity and development community is able to check for flaws. Having none found is a testament for any product’s reliability.


Despite the differences in implementation, apps based on open source support greater Interoperability and are compatible with each other. This is because they feature enough of the same basic code to “talk” to each other. Secure Group’s encrypted communication apps are compatible with competitor counterparts using the same protocols.


With proprietary software, you are taking a leap of faith that it would live up to the vendor’s claims for perfect security. With open source, you don’t have to take such a leap – the source code is there for you to check. Even if you are not a developer who can read the code, having it up for review shows that the vendor has nothing to hide.

Less Resource-Intensive

Closed source proprietary software often becomes more resource-intensive with each upgrade. The user cannot check what new features bring system performance down. Open source is the opposite. There is no secrecy around updates, which decreases the probability for unnecessary code – and, in turn, makes the software lighter.

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More Eyes = Fewer Flaws

Bug Bounty

Report a bug, flaw, or security vulnerability and get a reward in exchange. We highly value any input that can further improve our products and make them even more secure.

You know what the famous Linus Law says: "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow." It is even more valid in the context of cybersecurity. Because of that, Secure Group invites independent researchers and white hat hackers to report any vulnerabilities they can find as described in the program brief.

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