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Reliable Hardware

Mobile Devices Built for Security and Privacy
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Key features

Hardware Ready to Meet the Needs of Every Business

Hardware integrity is the basis of cybersecurity. Our process from design to shipment includes rigorous security-first manufacturing procedures, battle-hardened testing, and quality assurance, along with perfect-integrity shipment practices.


Worldly-renowned Partners

We design our solution in-house to ensure they address the threats on the market and manufacture them through a division of the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer - Foxconn Group.


Perfect Hardware Integrity

We do a series of quality control tests to ensure the devices we sent customers have not been tampered with during the manufacturing process.


Custom Development

Secure Group also offers the ability to develop custom hardware devices to meet clients’ specific requirements and business needs.


X1 - Fundamental Security

Zero-attack-surface hardware solution for private business owners and privacy-concerned individuals that offer smooth performance, sleek design, and encrypted storage.

Secure Phone

5.5" HD Screen

Bigger screen, better view

Quad-core 1.3GHz Processor

Fast multitasking

32GB Encrypted Storage

No manual extraction of data


Smooth performance

3200mAh Battery

High capacity

13MP + 0.3MP Rear Camera

5MP front camera

X1 Black - Superior Performance

Part of the zero-attack-surface X series for private business owners and privacy-concerned individuals, X1 Black is an updated version of X1, offering superior performance, and upgraded characteristics.

Secure Phone

5.5" FHD Screen

Bigger screen, better view

Octa-core, 2.0GHz Processor

Lightning-fast speed

64GB Encrypted Storage

No manual extraction of data


Smooth multitasking

3500mAh Battery

True all-day performance

13MP + 13MP Rear Camera

8MP front camera

Custom Development

For organizations looking for more tailored solutions, we also offer the ability to develop and design a hardware device precisely fitting your business needs and requirements.

Secure Phones
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Design how it looks

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Choose the specifications you need

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Frame the functionalities you require

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Make encryption work for you

Multi-layered Defense

Powered by Secure OS

Specially developed to answer all threats on the mobile security landscape, Secure OS is the flagship in our software solutions. The Android-based OS features unbreachable cybersecurity technologies, in-time security patches against newly arising threats, and intuitive UI.

More About Secure OS
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