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Grow Your Business with Us

As a fast-growing company in a rapidly expanding market, Secure Group needs the support of distributor partners to increase its global presence further. We view distributors as an extension of our company, backing them up with all the marketing, sales and support that they need to grow their business together with us.


Channel-First Model

All sales of Secure Group products go through our partner network. We leave the management of reseller and retailer networks in specific territories to our distributors.


Lead Referrals

Our distributor partners benefit from the sales leads generated by Secure Group in their respective territory. We do not make direct sales to end-users and never bypass our partners.


High Margins

We understand the price of the commitment that distributors make to our company. In exchange, we offer a series of discounts and special partner deals to guarantee high profitability.


Product Excellence

Secure Group's R&D hub is the backbone of our operations. Dedicated to new solutions and innovation, our team ensures the relevance of our solutions in the dynamic field of communication security.

We Set You Up for Success


Receive the Training You Need

  • A two-day course at our R&D hub will educate you about all things related to encryption and the mobile communication threat landscape.
  • Partners receive in-depth knowledge about Secure Group's products and how they counter specific threats.
  • Our partner success team will also share know-how about pitching our products and stressing on their competitive advantages.

Get Marketing Support

  • Secure Group provides you with a branded website-in-a-box designed to attract sales leads.
  • Distributors also benefit from the pay-per-click campaigns carried out by us.
  • We supply you with marketing materials such as whitepapers and comparison charts to make your sales pitch even more compelling.

Manage Customers from Anywhere

  • Partners receive access to our mobile device management platform, SAS. It allows you to control all phones in your user-group.
  • You also get the keys to Secure Manager, our web-based billing system for all activities related to selling our products and managing your network of partners.
  • We will supply you with the necessary installer tools to allow you to run your operations independently.

Review Our Reseller Partner Program

Get an in-depth view of the benefits and requirements for Secure Group's Authorized Distributor Program.

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Create and Manage a Network

We Support Your Growth

Secure Group understands that sustainable business growth is built on strong partnerships. To that end, we offer a series of benefits that help our distributors work seamlessly with us.


Dedicated Account Manager

A member of the Secure Group team will be assigned to you and handle all your requests and needs.


Tailored Marketing Solutions

Besides marketing materials and campaigns, our team provides you with custom solutions for your specific market.


24/7 Expert Support

Any inquiry you have will be answered by our team of skilled experts. We don't believe in outsourcing support.

"The biggest advantage of SAS is the ability to control devices from a distance, wipe the phones, give them additional permissions, upload new necessary applications, disable/enable functions... No need to open a ticket with Secure Group, no need to call support, no need to delay user requests. This is a true 21 century service!"

Moyo N.

Secure Com World