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Operations Team • Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

Logistics Specialist

Join our Custom Hardware Team as a Logistics Specialist, and make our warehouse your domain.

Who We Are

At Secure Group, we ensure that the mobile data and communication are secured against interception and threats (such as data leakage, physical tampering, and data mining) through advanced encryption technologies.

We have been competing globally to deliver the most secure phone to businesses, individuals, government institutions, and military and defense organizations for ten years.

Secure Group mobile solutions are designed and created in our headquarters and R&D center in Sofia, Bulgaria, and distributed in 100+ countries around the world.

We are the game changer that eliminates workarounds to security and gives users the ultimate privacy-oriented communication experience in a single device.

What We Offer

We pay top of the market to attract the best and the brightest. Based on the Secure Group Management Model, everyone in the company contributes in a unique way to its success by fulfilling a range of specific requirements tightly related to particular daily and strategic responsibilities.

Monthly Net Salary: 2200 BGN - 2500 BGN

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Your Strategic Contribution

Join our Custom Hardware Team as a Logistics Specialist, and make our warehouse your domain. You would be at the heart of our logistics, of the boots-on-the-ground side of our business. Managing the stock and all incoming/outgoing orders requires good time management skills and a keen eye for detail.


  • Experience in receiving and processing incoming stock and materials.
  • Successful handling of all orders (picking, packing and shipping, and filing the orders).
  • Demonstrable ability to manage, organize, and retrieve inventory.
  • Proven experience being in contact with different stakeholders (suppliers, customers, sales agents, etc.).
  • Excellent communication with suppliers, and contributing to overall cost-efficiency.

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