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Flourish in an innovative business environment

At Secure Group, we realize that online privacy and security are quickly eroding in today's digital world. Our mission is to guarantee our customers' fundamental right to privacy through strong encryption, education, and complete transparency. However, working towards such a demanding mission is no easy task, and for that reason, we've developed our own way of working, manifested in our Secure Group Management Model.

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Join a community of talent

We are intrigued by the opportunities of tomorrow and want to make cybersecurity accessible for everyone. Here, we constantly explore new ideas and inspire one another to set the bar higher each day. Secure Group is a place where talent is put under the spotlight and where abilities and passion will always be welcomed with open arms.

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That share the same values

We are all different – gamers, foodies, global wanderers, tech nerds, and expats. Yet, we all share the same values. Behind our desks, you’ll find colleagues intrigued by brain teasers, always ready to lend a helping hand. What makes us truly innovative is our ability to consolidate in hard situations, adapt to market changes, and always deliver on our word.

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Follow your own career path

Within Secure Group, we are fully transparent – with our clients and colleagues. We have an open structure that helps everyone estimate where they fit within the company and what is needed to get to the next level. This innovative business practice also helps potential employees orient on the remuneration they can expect and the requirements we have.

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Turn your ideas into products

At Secure Group, we are truly agile because, in cybersecurity, the innovation race is against global threats. We have designed our internal processes to offer a deep level of team autonomy and to provoke active cross-team collaboration to facilitate ideation and creative freedom. Every employee has their own role, whether they want to be field experts or innovation leaders.

Open positions

Business Team

Product Marketing Manager

Have a pivotal role in shaping the future of the mobile security sector, analyze our competition, and extend the reach and impact of our fight for privacy to more users.

Engineering Team

Quality Assurance Engineer

Join our Quality Assurance team and ensure the proper functionality and security of our mobile solutions. You will be performing manual tests to guarantee that our software is ready to handle the mission-critical communications of our users.

Engineering Team

Jr. Android Developer

We are looking for a Junior Android Developer to work with our team of talented engineers and help designing and building the solutions.

Operations Team

Recruitment Specialist - Internship

Join our HR team, help build a strong tech talent pipeline, and make sure Secure Group indeed attracts the best and the brightest, for all our teams.

Engineering Team

Android OS Developer

We are looking for an Android OS Developer to be part of the full scope of development – from early brainstorming through execution to release and refinement.

Operations Team

Operations Manager

Join Secure Group as a Procurement Manager to ensure the quality and cost efficiency of all processes that are supporting our business.

Operations Team

Accountant with QuickBooks (Remote)

Join our team as an Accountant and make sure we're compliant at all levels. Our standard for bookkeeping should be the same as our standard for Product, which means attention to detail and timely delivery.

Operations Team

Recruitment Specialist

Join our HR team, help build a strong tech talent pipeline, and make sure Secure Group indeed attracts the best and the brightest, for all our teams.

Operations Team

Logistics Specialist

Join our Custom Hardware Team as a Logistics Specialist, and make our warehouse your domain.

Find out more about us

Visit our wiki devoted to the Secure Group Management Model to learn more about our way of working.